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The Coolest Wooden Photo Frame

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

This frame inspired me to buy one just like it for my parents: All I had to do is change the words Grandma and Grandpa, and a few words on the bottom 3 lines, and I got my perfect wish.WeLovePictureFrame

A Sports Award and Photo Mug For Two Special Tennis Coaches

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

One rainy afternoon this past May, 2007, a kid who I assume to be at about age 17, not only came in wearing sweat pant shorts, but he was sweating profusely as he entered. It didn’t help that outside it was raining. I thought he was in the middle of a work out and he needed to wind down for a minute inside a place with air conditioning. Our shop is renowned for being freezing cold at all times, even at the highest temperatures of summer. The down-to-the-pores soaking wet look couldn’t mistakingly be taken for water. It was sweat indeed. Are you in some kind of trouble? I asked him. He said he’d come to our shop looking for a way to get a tennis award plaque that looked similar to his one:

“We routinely make , very much like this one you brought,” I told him. The transfer process we use here in our shop is called sublimation and it involves a large hot iron press.” All you need to do is bring us a disk with your photo files, and we will be able to transfer those images onto identical plaques just like the one you brought today. We are almost exclusively an internet shop”. I explained. “You could email the files to us if you want, but may I remind you that we do welcome walk-ins like you as well. Go ahead and bring the media to us. Your files could be raster or vector. We can handle both formats well just the same. On a rainy day like this, you would be better sending us the files, though.”

With a grin on his face, he left and came back seconds afterwards (more…)

California Sales Taxes Are a Thing of the Past for Another 3 months!

Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

My boss and I have made a commitment to file sales taxes on time.  Yes, I’m one of the ones in charge of filing the sales tax for the business I work with, and each month of January, April, July and Oct, on the 31st, (actually circa the 30th of each of those months) I get the tingles, just thinking about the hundreds of thousands of individuals toiling at their offices, just like me, making sure everything adds up. Before… way before… in times long gone, I used to make sure I got into my best, highly energetic mind-frame, RIGHT ON THE 31st! I will muster all my energy on the 30th and 31st I told myself.  Thank God for sometimes one or two of those thirty-firsts fell on a Sunday, or even better, a Saturday.

                  “Don’t we all thrive under pressure?”

used to be my motto. While in that mind set l would easily fall prey to the evil spirits of deadline lateness. When I left things for the last minute, Murphy’s Law got impatient on me, for some reason, and it would act in the creepiest of ways. Add to that, kids in trick-or-treat outfits marching the streets, and my entire day would have been bleak and gloomy, except for the self-imposed pressure to beat that deadline that kept me in my toes and alert. But my blog is not about things past, but of the present.

Nowadays, I find myself filling in and typing the infamous boe “bo” “ee”" form, days, if not weeks, prior to its deadline. The form, which descriptively is called ”Sales and Use Tax” (boe401a2.pdf for short) has, for no coincidental reason, Halloween as its due date… The founding fathers of California taxdom must have thought it well and hard to choose 4 of the 7– including the scariest–  (longest months with 31 days) of each year to give tax payers ample time to make their payments.  I downloaded my BOE401A2 form from the California Board of Equalization’s web site.  On this July 31st, 2007, I can proudly proclaim I filed not just on time, but early enough that I didn’t have to be mindful of what day of the week it was. It never crossed my mind to worry about getting to the God-oh-blessed Hector G. Godinez main post office in Santa Ana, CA, on time to beat the 8 P.M. deadline.  Starting a couple of months back, someone who has authority at the Godinez post office got anal, or perhaps maybe the post office branch restructured and the new managers want to darn make sure that gate closes at exactly 8 p.m or else it will cost them their job? I’ve tried to find a reasonable explanation why this so-important-in-my-life post office decided to change its laid back schedule and policy of allowing late-comers through its back bulk-rate truck gate.

Beating the deadline under pressure like I did in about half a dozen past instances was exciting but not for the faint of heart.  No more having to bribe the entrance guard. No to having to plead clemency for being 5 minutes late. No.  Procrastination is hopefully a thing of the past.  This month of July, I was able to finish the tax chores in a few hours because I had prepared all the documentation and gathered all the information that our accountant taught me to collect. The $100/hr. rate that Clara Mar�a, our in-house-MBA, gets, is well justified. And she is unexpensive, too, I think.  E-Filing shouldn’t cost 2%, though! I was so deeply stung to learn of this fee, that I didn’t even check if they capped the fee at all.  This is the first time I e-file, but next time I may as well use eFileSalesTax for only $4.95 a shot.Personalized Irish Blessing Keepsake

My boss surprised me with a personalized keepsake award of our own. 

Patting me on the shoulder, she said the sweet words… ”Thanks for beating Murphy!”.  That sounded surreal.  How had she known I had a bit of Irish blood in me? but most astonishingly, how could she have guessed about my inner resolutions?