A star is born

The birth of a baby is one of the most exciting events in a person’s life. It is exciting not only for the new mother and father, but also for other family and friends. Grandparents are excited to have a new grandson or granddaughter, and siblings are excited for a new baby brother or baby sister. No matter how you know or are related to a new baby, you will want to join the parents and celebrate the birth of their little miracle.


The A Star is Born keepsake is a beautiful gift to announce the birth of a new baby. It marks the arrival of a newborn boy or girl. This keepsake is the perfect gift to give the new mother and father. It is a unique star keepsake that can be displayed in the baby’s room. The star is complete with the baby’s name, birth date, birth weight, time of birth, or your own message.

Celebrate the birth of your own baby or a friend or family member’s baby with a personalized baby gift.

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