Celebrate a 5th Wedding Anniversary

Each year is a milestone for a husband and wife’s wedding anniversary. Couples have a variety of ways to celebrate their love on their anniversary. Some may choose to take a vacation together or simply go out to dinner and spend a romantic day together. No matter how you choose to celebrate your anniversary, it is always thoughtful to get your spouse a gift that expresses your love.

There are traditional and modern gifts for each anniversary year. It may seem difficult to stick to some of these themes, but with a little thought, you can be really creative with a gift. Wood is the traditional gift for a fifth anniversary. It is also the modern gift for a sixth wedding anniversary. This may be one of the easiest gifts on the list. There are countless options for a gift made from wood. With so many options available, it gives you a chance to find something really special.


Popular gifts for a fifth anniversary are wooden frames. The Our Anniversary wooden frame is a perfect gift to give your husband or wife and can be personalized specifically for you. Include your names and wedding or anniversary date for a unique fifth anniversary gift.

Other anniversary gift ideas made from wood include wooden photo albums or wooden plaques like the My Better Half wooden plaque. Personalized anniversary gifts are unique ways to incorporate traditional or modern gift themes.

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  1. Andrew Ames says:

    I like the idea of providing a personalised photo frame as an anniversary present – would be perfect to give with an evening out to somewhere special in which the photo would be taken to put into the photo frame.

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