Sweet 16

There are many important milestones during the teen years. It all starts at 13 when a young boy or girl officially becomes a teenager. Before you know it, your teen will turn 16 and be ready to drive and take advantage of the new found freedom that comes with driving. Hold onto the moment of this important birthday and give your teenager a special gift to commemorate it.


Many 16 year olds have hopes of getting a car for their birthday. Unfortunately, most will not have this wish fulfilled, but the day is sure to still be special. Our Sweet 16 wooden frame is the perfect way to celebrate a sweet sixteen birthday. Surprise your teenager on her special day with this wonderful gift. There are sure to be many photos taken on this big day and it is a day that you and the birthday girl will want to remember for years to come. This beautiful frame can be filled with a favorite photo from the celebration and then put out on display anywhere desired.

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