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The perfect personalized Halloween decoration

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

One of the ways that people celebrate Halloween is by putting up Halloween decorations inside and outside of their home. There are some different options for how you can choose to decorate. Some people choose to use scary decorations and some choose to use decorations that are a little less scary. No matter which way you choose to decorate your home this Halloween, the perfect addition to your decorations is a Halloween plaque personalized especially for you.


Our Happy Halloween wooden plaque is a great decoration to display anywhere in your home. Complete with images of jack-o-lanterns against a night sky background, this plaque is sure to put anyone who sees it in the Halloween spirit. This plaque is a timeless decoration that can be displayed year after year. Both children and adults can appreciate this personalized Halloween gift.

A sweet gift for Sweetest Day

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Sweetest Day is less than a few weeks away. Celebrate your sweetheart or a friend or family member’s kindness by giving him or her a small, but sweet gift.

A personalized picture frame is the perfect gift to give a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. Fill the frame with a favorite photo that symbolizes the care and love that the two of you share. The simple gift of a frame that is made personal with your own personalization can bring a smile to someone’s face day after day. It can be a beautiful reminder of love at home or at work on a desk, shelf, or anywhere else you choose to display it. Our Just You and I wooden frame is an ideal gift for Sweetest Day as well as other special occasions.


We also have a wonderful selection of other unique frames, albums, plaques, keepsakes, and notepad holders that are perfect Sweetest Day gifts.

Honeymoon Photos

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Summer has just ended, but newlyweds who were just married during this past season can find a way to hold onto the summer a little longer. Most likely these newlyweds will have just gone on their honeymoon and have many photos from their trip.

For recently married couples, the Our Honeymoon picture frame is a great place to put a favorite honeymoon photo. Whether you went somewhere exotic for your trip or somewhere closer to home, this frame is the perfect place to display the celebration of a husband and wife.


If you are planning your honeymoon, went on your honeymoon just recently, or even years ago, this frame will beautifully display a photo of you and your spouse. The frame is fittingly decorated with hearts representing the love shared between a married couple. Order this lovely frame for yourself, or give it as a gift to a newly married couple.

Baby’s First Halloween

Monday, September 21st, 2009

A new baby has many firsts throughout life, especially during the first year of his or her life. These occasions are exciting for parents, as well as friends and other family members. The first Halloween in a child’s life is one of these exciting firsts.

The possibilities for a Halloween costume are almost endless no matter what your age. There are the traditional costumes like pumpkins, scary costumes like ghosts, and cute costumes like animals. Whatever costume you choose for your adorable little baby, one thing is for sure: you will want to remember their first Halloween.


Parents take countless photos of their new babies, and Halloween is an occasion where many photos will be taken. Remember your little one’s first Halloween by displaying a photo in the My First Halloween wooden picture frame. This wonderful frame can be used as a Halloween decoration that you display in your home year after year.