Buy American and be transported to HOG Heaven….

We are entering another economic period where you are strongly encouraged to ‘Buy American.’ Not just to stimulate the economy but also to take pride in American manufacturing and production. Unfortunately, this can be difficult to do since many American companies have either gone out of business or moved over seas in the last twenty years or so. Two very well recognized companies are still here though and you can buy one item that represents them both well. The companies are Harley-Davidson and Zippo.
These two companies have been around since 1903 and 1932 respectively and are both known for creating superior and lasting products. If you are looking to give a gift to someone, why not “Buy American” at the same time that you are purchasing a finely crafted product that comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer? It just makes sense.
The HD lighters offered for personalization here are both designed with well known symbols for the company. The classic   first introduced in 1910 as well as the “newer” from 1933 are both available. Whether you own a Hog or just admire the shiny chrome of one, these lighters are perfect for birthdays or stocking stuffers and are a great thing to have around in case you ever need to start a fire….

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