Celebrate the newness of life and the joy that a child brings to your heart

The birth of a child is an extraordinary event. A miracle if you will. Such an amazing occasion should be celebrated and marked with joy and reverence. For an event so special, you’ll need a way to let others know of the birth that is just as special and unique. Two great ways to do just that are the Birth Announcement Wooden Picture Frame and the A Star is Born Keepsake and Paperweight.

The is available as a or Girl frame and is a perfect keepsake for family members (including the new parents). Laser engraved with a beautiful baby theme and the details of the birth, this frame can be treasured long after your child is grown.

The and paperweight is another great item for birth announcements. Every child is a special miracle that shines light into the world and what better representation of that than a star? You can have the birth information professionally engraved onto the face of the star to create a lovely memento of the birth of your child.

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