A little something for the Office…..

Birthdays, Christmas, National Boss Day (October 16) and Administrative Professionals Day (April 22) are all times when you may find yourself in need of a corporate type gift for your Boss or Co-Workers. People that you see everyday but that you may know little about (making gift giving hard).

If you don’t know what to get someone, I’d like to suggest getting them a personalized gift that is unique, meaningful and functional. That way, the thought and effort that you put into the gift can be seen and appreciated and you know that the gift can be used instead of just sitting in a corner somewhere.

For you boss or the avid golfer, the   are a great idea. The sleek and shiny design convey the class you would want portrayed in a corporate gift while the functionality and theme add a touch of fun.

You may also want to check out the   for Administrative Professionals or Secretaries Day or as a gift for anyone that is a frequent letter writer. A gift that is not only fully functional in form but is beautifully designed with clear multi-faceted crystal handles on each piece. Something that can be treasured for years even without a personalized message engraved on it.

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