Happy Birthday Sweetheart

I’m told that it is very difficult to buy birthday gifts for someone whose birthday is on or near a major holiday. I would think that it would be easy. There are so many sites that specialize in gifts that also give wonderful ideas for what to get.

I’m not saying that you should give holiday themed presents on birthdays near holidays (that would get really old, really fast…) but you can still get ideas. Take Valentine birthdays as an example. You can get your sweetheart something with hearts on it (because of the holiday and because you love her) but at the same time, something that is not as romantic as the actual Valentine’s gift (you really do have to get a gift for each occasion – not one for both).

is a perfect example of what to give for a Valentine birthday. It’s holiday and love themed but not as romantic as some other gifts. Of course, you can add a romantic message in the personalization if you would like to sweeten the gift up a bit…. Even better, the alarm clock is unisex so gals can give it to their guys as well.

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