I Love You…. Here

Shopping for the opposite sex can be a trial but I think that men at least have an easier time. If you’re a guy and you need to get that special lady a gift; you can always get flowers or something sparkly and be all set. Try giving a guy a bouquet or shiny jewelry. Doesn’t fly. Nor can you get your man a gift certificate for a massage or mani/pedi. They seem to think that that is "unmanly." What then can you do for Valentine’s Day? Going out to dinner is expensive and crowded on the big day as well as being something that almost isn’t special anymore. A personalized gift is always special but for such a romantic occasion, you want something with a bit of emotion behind it.

The I Love You Notepad and Pen Holder is just the right thing in my opinion. A natural wood product; it has a ruggedness that men enjoy and since it’s also a functional present, your guy won’t feel like he has just another knick-knack on his desk. Of course, the heart and the "I Love You" is as emotional and sappy as any woman would want for her man on Valentine’s so everyone can be happy with it.

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