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Why did you die, Natasja Saad?

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Natasja wasn’t Jamaican, although she spoke her own very charismatic version of patois, with an entonation, speed and accent which, when uttered by her,  evoked an awe and wonder in me at how this Danish woman could manage to speak a language in a manner that only Jamaican natives could manage to do.  The answer is perhaps that, besides being talented at picking up languages, she also felt an attraction to things Jamaican, as she dressed and spoke the part.

Her father was from the Land of Blacks, Sudan.  To me it would be entertaining to think and speculate that it’s probably her Sudanese genetic heritage that  In Jamaica the public adored this transplant from Europe.  As one of her own. They, in fact unanimously, chose her as the winner of the acclaimed   …..  festival over many of their own long standing native contestants.  It was the first time in Jamaican history that a foreigner had captured the hearts and imagination of the raggae music fan base in Raggae’s own capital, Kingston.

Tasja had the elegance of a Maxim model, the street smarts to hustle along and thrive among Jamaican ghetto dwellers, but above all, she was Danish, an European whose white race heritage was hers, bridging a gap between black and white. Her fluent Danish allowed her to create the coolest of lyrics, at least from an English stand point: One could swear that at times she was singing in what appeared to be a mixture of Spanish, French, English, German, and Afrikaans. She contributed to the Danish raggae scene in ways no one had before. She was adored all over the world and her ascent into stardom was only beginning in the U.S.

On a fateful June 24, 2007, shortly after being the first foreigner ever to win the acclaimed Irie FM’s “Big Break” music contest in Jamaica, the car she was riding on hit a utilty pole, taking her life.

The unique lyrics and rhythm of “Calabria” will make you wanna dance and celebrate the birth of a star. Calabria has become a dance club cult classic.  Enjoy.

Just as Jeniffer Lopez rose to stardom catapulted by her impersonation of Selena, a TexMex star who got shot and killed by her own secretary,  I hope that likewise an up and coming  aspiring, talented  singer finds a similar inspiration and soul infusion from Natasja. May Natasja’s musical influence bring about new inspiration to new artists as they sing to new heights in originality, beat, and rhtythm.  In the name of a star that should have been.