Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts

Every year on February 14, we celebrate the holiday of . There are many legends surrounding the history and origin of this holiday. The history of Valentine’s Day is believed to have its beginnings in ancient Roman and Christian traditions. The ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia was celebrated on February 15. This celebration was later changed by Christians to St. Valentine’s Day and the date was moved to the 14th of February.

The first Valentine’s Day card is said to have been sent by Charles, the Duke of Orleans in the year 1415 to his wife. At this time, Charles was imprisoned in the Tower of London.

Today, Valentine’s Day has become known as a day for love and romance. It is usually celebrated with the exchange of Valentine cards, and oftentimes gifts as well. Valentine’s Day is the second largest card sending holiday all year, with Christmas being the largest. Typical gifts include candy, flowers, and , but a Valentine’s gift can be just about anything that expresses and shows love for the recipient. A thoughtful, is sure to bring a smile to your special valentine or .

Restaurants are crowded on this day with as they enjoy the company of their loved ones and an appetizing dinner together. Celebration plans for Valentine’s may even include a romantic getaway for the weekend.

This holiday is not limited simply to couples. Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by anyone who wishes to show their love and appreciation for loved ones.

Children are well known for celebrating this holiday as well. School age children often exchange valentine cards and sometimes even small gifts or candy with their imageclassmates and friends. These cards are available in many designs and themes, ranging from traditional valentine symbols of and to the latest and most popular cartoon and movie characters.

One of my favorite Valentine’s Day memories was in elementary school when my class had a Valentine’s lunch. A few days before Valentine’s Day, everyone in class wrote down on a piece of paper what they liked to eat. Each person put their paper into a container and then took turns picking one out. Everyone then put together a lunch for the person that they chose. On Valentine’s Day it was a surprise to find out who made lunch for each person.

What is your most memorable Valentine’s Day story? Maybe it is a romantic or funny memory, or maybe it involves a secret admirer. Valentine’s Day, like any other holiday, is filled with many memories and stories.

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