Back to School

With the start of the new school year, many parents and students are trying to get back into the early morning “back-to-school” routine. We can’t forget to mention that we are already worn out from the pre-school preparation purchases. As a mother of an 8-yr old boy and a pre-teen girl (11 year old), you can imagine all the purchases I’ve had to made, clothes and shoe shopping are the biggest and the hardest because I can no longer choose what I like. Now as Labor Day weekend approaches, I should say it feels like New Year’s to me, the last day to sleep in…ahhhhh. After that, a whole New Year begins, only this one is called “School Year.” There are many Sunday nights I don’t even get to sleep due to Monday morning anxiety… Are my kids’ clothes ready? What do I prepare them for lunch? For God’s sakes! What are they having for breakfast?… But of course all the effort is worth it the minute they give me my “see you in the afternoon” kiss…They truly make me feel like a million bucks! When I go home or I’m back at the office, and look at their cute faces on all my personalized family photo frames, my day immediately feels blissful. One of my favorite frames shows each of them on a cute first-school-day motif.

Now, there are other worries that come into our heads, such as the new teacher, and the friends our kids will have to make, rearranging our schedule to fit all of their after school activities, is daunting at times to think that at a such age our children have to adjust to a new environment in such a short period of time. But believe it or not, the beauty of an early mind such that of a child is that they live the moment, they worry about that moment, thus making every moment of their life happier than that of an adult because they can focus on the joyous moment of each day of their life. So after all, it is not so hard for them to rearrange their schedule…well maybe perhaps waking up early is still a little difficult at times…but let’s admit it, we all have trouble waking up at times, don’t we?

Without leaving on a tangent here, another thing I must worry about as a parent is that studies show that emergencies room visits among children go way up during the month of September and October. Which to me, as a mom, is very worrisome, and compels me to educate my kids in the importance of washing their hands every time they need to go to the bathroom, clearly this is the place where they bring the bacteria from and other children get infected by it, which becomes an unnecessary chain of infected kids if all of us as parents would teach our kids to wash their hands, cover their mouths when they sneeze and so on…yikes…enough on this subject!—Only thing I’m trying to say here is let’s all educate our children so that less children have to visit the emergency room.

Last but not least, I would have to say that we can’t “blog” about “back-to-school” without mentioning a very important role: Teachers. They are of course, the ones who we trust all day our kids to, the ones with whose help we are forming to become our kids’ very best for the near and long future, and without whose help our world would not have as bright a future. When I was studying in college, I remember the words of a dear professor of mine who once told me: “You will become the person that you believe you are…just believe in yourself!” Those were words that always stuck on my mind and have helped me through my career all the way trough. Teachers play very important roles in our lives and in our children’s lives, and it is important when the end of the year arrives, or on their birthdays, on teacher’s day ( May 8 ) or just because of no specific reason, it is important not to forget to praise them for their hard work.

Have your child write a special card made by him or her, get your teacher a keychain that he or she will treasure for life.

Bake cookies.

Get a personalized teacher frame or an apple paperweight that will remind your child’s teacher how loved and treasured she is by your child and his family as well. Most importantly, every time you get a chance say a “Thank You”, let them know how greatly you appreciate all the great effort, love and devotion they have demonstrated for your children. After all, your children are your most precious blessing!

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