Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

Personalized Christmas Ornaments can be one of the most treasured Christmas decorations. Some of the first ornaments used to decorate trees were fruit and nuts. These items, along with the tree, were a symbol of hope that life, as it was before winter, would return in the spring. As time went on, other decorations were added to trees such as shiny decorations and food decorations like gingerbread and other hard cookies that were baked into shapes.

As the practice of decorating a Christmas tree spread, other countries began adding their own customs and decorations. Many of the traditions and customs for Christmas trees and ornaments that are in use today are believed to have originated in Germany.

Many families have large ornament collections that they use to decorate their Christmas tree each year. These collections often include special and meaningful ornaments that are family keepsakes, or handmade ornaments made by family, friends, or even children. Children often make ornaments for their parents at school. It is common in some families to see children’s or kid’s scribbles with “My First Christmas” written all over it. These decorate the chimney, or are put adjacent to the tree.

Many collections also include personalized ornaments. These ornaments can commemorate a marriage, a baby’s first Christmas, and may even contain a special photo.

An ornament collection is unique to each person or family and creates a special Christmas tree that is unlike anyone else’s Christmas tree.

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