Decorating the Christmas tree – Personalized Ornaments

Decorating the Christmas tree is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. It’s also a great way to get your family together to create some holiday memories. It all starts with first picking out the perfect tree. Should you get a real tree, an artificial tree, a small tree, or the tallest tree you can find? Then there are the countless options of what decorations to use. There are the lights, the ornaments, the garland, ribbons, and just about anything else you can think of to put on your tree. The possibilities seem endless.

So where do you start? Picking a theme is a good place to start. Get some ideas on the colors and the decorations you may want to use. You’ll probably have some special ornaments to hang throughout the tree and you’ll need some filler ornaments for the rest of the space. Common Christmas symbols such as Santa Claus, snowflakes, reindeer, snowmen, and stars have a big presence in Christmas decorating.

Maybe the biggest decision to make is to decide whether to use a real tree or an artificial one. Everyone has a preference on which tree they like better and of course there are advantages and disadvantages for both. The traditional look and scent of a real tree cannot be matched by a fake one and many people look forward to and enjoy the tradition of going out to pick out or cut down the perfect tree. With an artificial tree, there are no needles to clean up and no worries about watering. Using an artificial tree year after year is also economical. However, artificial trees are made with the non-renewable source of petroleum and do not decompose in landfills once they are disposed of. Real trees are biodegradable and new trees are typically planted to replace the ones that have been cut down.

imageIf you want a real tree but don’t want to cut one down, there is also the option of using a planted tree. You can keep the tree planted in a pot and once the holidays are over, you can plant the tree outside in your yard. One must weigh the pros and cons of each type of tree and make the decision that best fits their needs.

If you choose to use an artificial tree, Christmas is just the beginning. You can reuse your tree again and again. Celebrate holidays throughout the year with a Valentine’s tree, Easter tree, Halloween tree, Thanksgiving tree, or decorate your tree for any other holiday or occasion that you can think of.

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