Personalized Christmas Stockings

A common Christmas tradition is for children, and usually adults, too, to hang up a Christmas stocking. These empty socks or sock shaped bags are left out for Santa to fill up with small gifts during his visit on Christmas Eve. These stockings are typically hung over the fireplace, but if there is not a fireplace in the home, they can be hung just about anywhere else. Other places where stockings are hung include the backs of chairs, on doorknobs, on bed posts, and along stairs. These suggestions are just a few of the possibilities.

The traditional Christmas stocking is red with white trim. Stockings today are available in just about any size or design that you can think of. A personalized stocking is a special gift that can be used year after year during the Christmas season.

Hanging up a stocking is similar to traditions in other countries. One variation that may have brought about the hanging of stockings is the Dutch tradition of children leaving their clogs out near the fireplace for Sinterklaas to find so that he could fill them with gifts or treats.

There are many legends that describe the origin and history of the Christmas stocking. No matter where this tradition started, one thing is certain, the stocking is a commonly practiced American custom and highly recognizable Christmas symbol.

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